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Shou Sugi Ban Eastern White Cedar is about 30% more cost effective per sq ft. compared to Maple or Oak. With our Traditionally Charred Shou Sugi Ban or Charred and Brushed finish, each order will be specific to your personal needs. Because these styles of finish are not regularly kept in stock, they will only be processed at the time of a customers order and pickup time can be discussed then. Sealing is also an option. Most importantly, Eastern White Cedar is the closest comparable wood to the Cypress Cedar used in traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban.
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Available by request are custom dimensions, cottage grade lumber, or clapboard siding/shiplap. If there’s something you are looking for that you don’t see on the price list, please let us know and we can typically make it happen.
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To help us get you an accurate quote, please include the following information:

• rough cut or finished 4 sides
• standard dimensions or custom cut
• tongue and groove
• Shou Sugi Ban: Traditionally Charred or Charred and Brushed
• length
• quantity
• delivery date and location
• name and contact information